Business Analytics Certification Online

Learn how to collect, structure and analyze business data to make smart business decisions with an online business analytics certification. This online course will help you hone your skills in data and computer science as well as project management, business, communication and more. All while developing the skills employers appreciate.

Business analytics tools can provide more than just the results of data analysis. They can help you understand the reasons the results came about, spot potential issues and alert you to unexpected events, and predict future outcomes based on the choices you make. Business analytics tools can help you comprehend the whole picture and enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Business leaders are increasingly relying on data and analytics in the ever-growing world of data to make decisions regarding products, services and marketing campaigns. They also use data and analytics for strategic planning and hiring. But if you don’t use the right tools for business analytics this data can become overwhelming.

The best business analytics tools are available to business users who don’t require any training. SAP’s BusinessObjects for instance, offers a variety of business intelligence applications that are specifically designed for less technical users. It can also be used to develop predictive models, without the requirement for specialized programming skills. IBM Cognos and Tableau are also popular business analytics software.

Business analytics is the key to competitive advantage in today’s highly data-driven economy. By empowering you with the right tools, these programs can provide you with the knowledge you require to elevate your career to the next level.