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Aristotle said that Hippocrates was called “the Great Physician” but that he was small in stature (Politics). Inside of ACE, you get the curriculum we teach all of our clients (The 3 Pillars to Physician Freedom), a concise book teaching coaching concepts to hit the ground running, and one-on-one coaching. Physicians are some of the most intelligent and resilient humans and I love helping them reconnect with their power. I can’t wait to help you take control of your life, dream about what could be, and then make it happen. I am an Academic Internal Medicine physician still practicing inpatient/outpatient medicine and teaching. Coaching helped me go from feeling trapped in my job to thriving!

For later physicians, Hippocrates stood as the inspirational source, while the more difficult Galen offered the substantial details. The Embassy, a fictional work that connects Hippocrates’ family with critical events in the history of Cos and Greece, was included in the original collection of Hippocratic works in the Library of Alexandria. Over the next four centuries, The Embassy inspired other imaginative writings, including letters between Hippocrates and the Persian king and also the philosopher Democritus.

  • A lack of understanding between the American doctors and
    the parents led to the girl being taken away from a loving family.
  • The Hippocratic writings, which are earnest in their desire to help and lacking in technical jargon, have inspired physicians for millennia.
  • Although the miasma theory of contagion answered some of the questions of
    infection, the microbial theory answered all of these and more.

Many physicians who take this step find the true meaning in “Physician heal thyself.”  Often, they fall back in love with medicine, and find a new-found passion for a job that has become a daily nightmare. With this new found financial freedom, physicians have the opportunity to pursue partial FIRE where they take less shifts, move to part-time work, focus on locum tenens (part-time) work, or leave a hostile work place. It turns out that big houses, fast cars, private schooling, and expensive gadgets… do not make you happy.

Nicholas Florko reports on the commercial determinants of health. Yes, we have had multiple clients have success getting their CME office to pay for DCP as a coaching program. My name is Lil, and I’ve worked as an IM hospitalist for many years. I’m the physician philosopher originally from South Carolina, trained in Utah and traveled here and there before landing back home. I’ve worked in multiple hospital systems, both big and small and have travelled the road from serious burnout to real satisfaction at work.

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Ultimately, this results in a phenomenon called moral injury. There is an ‘ever growing stockpile that constitutes scientific
technique and
knowledge’19. I have alluded to the philosophical framework onto which we can hang our
medical knowledge to provide a comprehensible context. The base of the frame is set away from the
fringes of the stockpile so that even the most rudimentary knowledge of the
subject allows us to step out from underneath into a position where we have a
better perspective.

original statement and our practice should therefore be modified and the new
statement re-examined. Simon Blackburn, a professor of philosophy at Cambridge, points out that
‘the queer thing about these [abstract] questions is that not only are
they baffling at first sight, but they also defy simple processes of
solution’1. It is in the cases which defy
simple solutions that a capacity for abstract or lateral thinking can be of

The personal finance topics you wish you’d learned in medical school. The humanistic doctor balances benefit and harm, health and disease, the
physical and the metaphysical. A knowledge of philosophy can counterbalance a
knowledge of science, and climbing mountains can put it all into
perspective. Hippocrates’ reputation, and myths about his life, began to grow in the Hellenistic period, about a century after his death.

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The Library of Alexandria in Egypt collected medical works from the Classical period, calling them the works of Hippocrates. About 60 of these writings have survived, though most of them were not written by him. I can help you overcome burnout, get out of the trap of arrival fallacy, and build your path to financial independence while enjoying the journey to get there. I can’t wait to work on your money mindset or help you toward whatever goal you want to accomplish. The hospital system, along with taking 24-7 call, resulted in burnout. Although I had the financial piece of the three pillars figured out, it took coaching and working on my mindset to overcome burnout.


Lam has lately marked the relevance of these writings by building a new
‘fantasy’ medical school around the teachings and philosophy of
Confucius15. Although at the undergraduate level medical education is beginning to
change, it still tends to place too much emphasis on the acquisition of facts. Philosophy as an attempt to understand fits in well with prevalent
educational theory which values ‘deep’ more than
‘surface’ learning. To clarify these limitations in education
Montaigne distinguished between learning (logic, etymology, grammar and the
like) and wisdom. The latter is an elusive type of knowledge that can help a
person to live well and, significantly, to apply knowledge well. The Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, in his 1974 Caltech commencement
address said ‘…

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In fact, this is exactly how Jesus meant it in the passage in Luke. At the time, he was being accused of healing acts that seemed to occur everywhere; except for in his home town. Soon afterwards, Avicenna dies, and Isfahan is conquered by a rival king. Rob, his wife and children flee the rape and pillage and make their laborious way back to England. He also meets a young woman called Mary Margaret Cullen, who was traveling with her father, in search of superior Turkish sheep.

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My wife, Jenna, is a CRNA and there’s never a dull moment with 3 kids, a Saint Bernard, and a Bernese Mountain Dog. I bring a variety of life experiences to my role, including a divorce, which has helped shape my views on life. I provide coaching for physicians in areas of interpersonal relationships, life balance, building self-worth and goal orientation. I am a coach for physicians, pediatrician, wife, mother, health care executive and, life-long learner. Externally, I seemed to “have it all figured out” yet was filled with doubt, self-hatred and Imposter Syndrome. I coach myself every day and use it as a leadership tool for my team and to nurture the leader in me.

Most follow Dr. Jones by taking the financial road to burnout. Yet, no matter how much money a doctor earns, our profession has shown time and time again that doctors are financially illiterate. We are notorious for financial decisions that make our burned out and morally injured situations worse. In truth, physician heal thyself can be an inappropriate ideology. Like any other human, physician healing from burnout, depression, and suicidal thought requires others to help in the healing process. He is passed as a physician and helps to instruct new physicians in the school.