What is Bootstrap

Clicking on the button will reveal the collapsed content, as shown below. You’ll then add the following line of code in the index.html file. This time, you’ll add it to the footer, instead of the header, right after the tag.

This is just one example of how using Bootstrap components is much faster than coding them from scratch. Building a responsive site is much easier using Bootstrap https://deveducation.com/ than doing so from scratch. Bootstrap comes with responsive styles, like containers and media queries, to ensure your site adjusts to the viewport.

Non-responsive Bootstrap

Let’s walk through adding one component — a navigation bar — step-by-step so you understand how to use Bootstrap. If you choose to download the Bootstrap source code, then you’ll unzip the folder and see the following structure. This will require visitors to have an internet connection to visit your site and will require you to post more code, however. As a result, downloading Bootstrap is the more popular choice. Since Bootstrap comes with pre-styled content, components, and templates, Bootstrap sites tend to look the same out-of-the-box. In fact, Bootstrap has been blamed for why websites today all look the same.

It makes use of CSS, javascript, jQuery etc. in the background to create the style, effects, and actions for Bootstrap elements. Bootstrap simplifies the often cumbersome task of resizing images and elements. This automation spares developers the trouble of handling these aspects manually, letting Bootstrap handle it effortlessly. This convenience significantly streamlines the development process, especially if you’re not a seasoned coder. At the same time, developers do have an upfront investment of time.

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When you download the Bootstrap framework, aspects of your site’s appearance will change automatically, like the typography. But you still have to write the HTML and plug in the preset layouts, colors, and components you need to make up your website. One of the most notable advantages of Bootstrap is its inclusion of major components.

  • Bootstrap was also programmed to support both HTML5 and CSS3.
  • But you will need to know some HTML at a minimum if you’re going to modify it for your site.
  • It supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and
  • If you don’t want to download and host Bootstrap yourself, you can include it from a CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • The Bootstrap framework is built on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

Having a sheer number of functions means comprising large-sized files. Using Bootstrap on your project can slow down the website’s load time and burden your server if you’re not careful. To avoid what is boostrap this issue, make sure to only add the classes you need and use the minified version of the files. Bootstrap is available in two variants ‒ precompiled and based on a source code version.